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Doctor Who CDs: Gallifrey 2.5 Imperiatrix CD

by Sheargold, Stewart

Gallifrey 2.5 Imperiatrix CD
Price: £10.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1844351254
Released: 2005
Size: 1 disc
Runtime: 145 mins
'Look out there, Romana. Look at that wasteland of ash. That is what we will become under your rule.'
The Free Time influence in the Capital is spreading, while Darkel has played her hand and opposition to Romana's policies from without and within is growing. When the bombs start going off, the President of Gallifrey decides enough is enough.
While Leela and K9 race to track down the terrorist to avoid more bloodshed, Romana enters into a risky bargain for control with a dangerous, influential figure from her past. But she soon discovers that the answer to her problems lies in the future. A future she has already witnessed. And one she has been trying to avoid.
But someone desperately wants this future and will stop at nothing to make it occur.
Even if it means leading Romana and Gallifrey to war.
Gallifrey 2.5 Imperiatrix