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Doctor Who DVDs: Aztecs, The DVD

Aztecs, The DVD
Price: £14.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2002
Size: 1 disc
Runtime: 98 mins
Certificate: U
Colour Type: Black & White
The TARDIS takes the Doctor and his companions back in time to fifteenth century Mexico, the centre of the Aztec civilisation. But when Barbara is mistaken for the reincarnation of the High Priest Yetaxa, the time travellers find themselves caught up in a vicious political power struggle which could cost them their lives...
This story was originally broadcast on BBC1 between 23rd May - 13th June 1964.
Special features:
Commentary by Verity Lambert OBE, William Russell, Carole Ann Ford
Remembering the Aztecs A newly-recorded documentary featuring John Ringham, Walter Randall and Ian Cullen.
Designing the Aztecs An exclusive interview with set designer Barry Newbery
The Story of Cortez and Montezuma Originally transmitted on Blue Peter on 21/09/70 and features Valerie Singleton.
Restoring the Aztecs A look at the digital remastering process for this DVD
Arabic Soundtrack The final episode includes an option to view it in Arabic
Making Cocoa An animated guide to making cocoa the Aztec way
Photo Gallery
Production Subtitles
TARDIS-Cam No. 3
Aztecs, The