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Doctor Who DVDs: Beginning, The DVD

by Coburn, Anthony et al

Beginning, The DVD
Price: £19.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2006
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 346 mins
Certificate: 12
Colour Type: Black & White
Contains the Stories: An Unearthly Child, The Daleks & Edge of Destruction
An Unearthly Child: Susan Foreman is a mystery to teachers Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright, seemingly knowing more than she should about the past´┐Ż and the future. Their curiosity leads them to follow her home one night, only to find that her 'home' appears to be a deserted junkyard. In the junkyard, they discover a police telephone box and a strange old man, who claims to be Susan's grandfather, and calls himself the Doctor. The journey of a lifetime is about to begin...
The Daleks: The TARDIS lands in an alien petrified jungle, beyond which lies a mysterious, deserted city. The Doctor insists on exploring, but before long the TARDIS crew all begin experiencing the early effects of radiation sickness. And then they discover that the metal city isn't as deserted as they first thought...
The Edge of Destruction: Something has caused the TARDIS console to explode in mid-flight, plunging the ship into darkness and rendering the crew unconscious. As they slowly recover, they find themselves suffering from loss of memory, and headaches. The TARDIS behaves oddly, as the doors open and close of their own accord. Has the ship been possessed in some way, or is something more dangerous happening to the time travellers?
Special features:
Commentaries - Pilot Episode: Verity Lambert & Waris Hussein; Episode 1 - An Unearthly Child: William Russell, Carole Ann Ford & Verity Lambert; Episode 4 - The Firemaker: William Russell, Carole Ann Ford & Waris Hussein. Pilot Episode: An unedited 35-minute recording of the entire studio session from September 1963, plus an edited 25-minute version of the Pilot. Theme Music Video: The full-length version of the original theme music, couple with original 1963 title sequence elements. Comedy Sketches: Four short sketches, mostly themed around the early years of Doctor Who, including three from Mark Gatiss, and David Walliams. Photo Gallery. Production Subtitles. Digitally remastered picture and sound quality.

Commentaries - Episode 2 - The Survivors: Verity Lambert & Christopher Barry; Episode 4 - The Ambush: William Russell, Carole Ann Ford & Christopher Barry; Episode 7 - The Rescue: William Russell, Carole Ann Ford & Richard Martin. Creation of the Daleks: A documentary which looks at the origins and creation of Doctor Who's most feared villains, the Daleks. With contributions from Verity Lambertm Richard Martin, designer Raymond Cusick, sound designer Brian Hodgson, original Dalek voice David Graham, and original Dalek operator Michael Summerton. Photo Gallery, production subtitles. Digital remastered picture and sound quality.

Doctor Who - Origins: 1 55-minute documentary, detailing the creation of Doctor Who. Including a rare interview with creator Sydney Newman, and new interviews with producer Verity Lambert, directors Waris Hussein and Richard Martin, actors William Russell and Carole Ann Ford, title sequence designer Bernard Lodge and TARDIS sound effect creator Brian Hodgson. Over the Edge: The cast and crew look back at the production of The Edge of Destruction. Inside the Spaceship: A look at the Doctor's time and space-ship, the TARDIS. Masters of Sound: A look inside the BBC Radiophonic Workshop which created electronic sounds and music during Doctor Who's early years. Features interviews with Dick Mills, Brian Hodgson, Verity Lambert and the late Delia Derbyshire. Marco Polo: A 30-minute version of the 'lost' fourth Doctor Who Story, created using a recording of the soundtrack, plus off-screen stills and production photographs. PDF Documents: A selection of Radio Times billings for the first three stories, plus the full script for An Unearthly Child. Arabic Soundtrack: Listen to the final episode of this story dubbed into Arabic. Photo Gallery. Production Subtitles. Digitally remastered picture and sound quality.
Beginning, The