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Doctor Who Books: Iceberg Book (Paperback)

by Banks, David

Iceberg Book (Paperback)
Price: £20.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426203925
Released: 1993
Edition: 1
Size: 288 pages
'Depends on how you define alien,' the Doctor said simply. 'They were human once.'
In 2006 the world is about to be overwhelmed by a disaster that might destroy human civilization: the inversion of the Earth's magnetic field. Deep in an Antarctic base, the FLIPback team is frantically devising a system to reverse the change in polarity.
Above them, the SS Elysium carries its jet-set passengers on the ultimate cruise. On board is Ruby Duvall, a journalist sent to record the FLIPback moment. Instead she finds a man called the Doctor, who is locked out of the strange green box he says is merely a part of his time machine. And she finds old enemies of the Doctor: silver giants at work beneath the ice.
As an actor, David Banks is best known as the obsessive lawyer Graeme Curtis from Brookside, as well as his portrayal of the Cyberleader in Doctor Who throughout the 1980's. Iceberg is his third book; the first, the highly acclaimed Cybermen, might best be described as an insider's guide to the Cyber race.