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Doctor Who Books: DWM 383 Book (Paperback)

by Hickman, Clayton (Ed.)

DWM 383 Book (Paperback)
Price: £4.99
Format: Paperback
Released: 2007
Edition: 1
Size: 68 pages
Set Report -Human Nature: DWM's first stop os the winter of 1913, for a cold and rainy meeting with John Smith…
TV Previews: Sneakiest of peeks at what lies in store at the end of Series Three, in Blink, Utopia, The Sound of Drums and Last of the Time Lords. The Shakespeare Code, Gridlock and Daleks in Manhattan.
Script Doctors - Steven Moffat: DWM speaks to the Blink writer about ladies, dancing and all the usual manly stuff…
Set Report - The Lazarus Experiment: His name is Mark Gatiss and he is 40 years old! Come and watch him perform a miracle!
The Woman who sold the World: The thir part of DWM's epic comic strip.
Diary - Evolution of the Daleks: Director James Strong concludes his look back at the making of this spectacular adventure.
Set Report - 42: Time is running out, so make sure you're a fast reader as DWM boards the SS Pentalian…
Regulars: Gallifrey Guardian, DWMail, After Image, Off the Shelf & Production Notes by Russell T Davies.
DWM 383