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Torchwood: Torchwood Season One DVD

Torchwood Season One DVD
Price: £25.00
Format: DVD
Released: 2007
Size: 6 discs
Runtime: 0 mins
Certificate: 15
Colour Type: Colour
a seven disc boxset containing: Everything Changes, Day One, Ghost Machine, Cyberwoman, Small Worlds, Countrycide, Greeks Bearing Gifts, They Keep Killing Suzie, Random Shoes, Out of Time, Combat, Captain Jack Harkness & End of Days
Special features:
13 Commentaries with cast and crew (one per episode), Torchwood Declassified: The complete series.
Out-takes, deleted scenes, selected episode guides, The Captain Log Video Diary.
14 Featurettes: 5 Torchwood out of this world Featurettes, 4 Torchwood: The Team & Their Troubles Featurettes, Welcome to Torchwood, Torchwood on the Scene, Torchwood: On Time, Torchwood: Sex, Violence, Blood & Gore, Torchwood: On the Road.
Torchwood Season One