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Doctor Who DVDs: Brain of Morbius DVD

by Bland, Robin

Brain of Morbius DVD
Price: £14.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2008
Size: 1 disc
Runtime: 99 mins
Certificate: PG
Colour Type: Colour
The Time Lords have taken control of the TARDIS, sending the Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith into dangerous territory…
On the graveyard planet of Karn, the eternal Sisterhood fights to keep the scared flame alive. High in the castle, the brilliant surgeon Mehendri Solon conducts gruesome experiments on living flesh. And as a storm approaches, evil from the depths of Time Lord history plots its return to the land of the living.
But is even the Doctor's mind a match for the Brain of Morbius?
This story was originally broadcast on BBCa between 3rd - 24 January 1976
Special features:
Commentary by Tom Baker (The Doctor, Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith), Philip Madoc (Solon), Philip Hinchcliffe (Producer) and Christopher Barry (Director).
Getting a Head: A new documentary about the making of the the programme featuring Christopher Barry, Philip Hinchcliffe, writer Terrance Dicks, designer Barry Newbury,composer Dudley Simpson, and actors Philip Madoc, Cynthia Grenville (Maren), Colin Fay (Condo) and Gillian Brown (Ohica), with narration by Paul McGann.
Designs on Karn: How the planet Karn was created, with Barry Newbury.
Set Tour: Take a walk round the studio sets with the CGI reconstruction.
Radio Times Billings.
Photo Gallery and Sketch Gallery.
Coming Soon Trailer.
Production Information Subtitles.
Digitally remastered picture and sound quality
Brain of Morbius