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Doctor Who Books: Crimson Hand Book (Paperback)

by McDaid, Dan et al

Crimson Hand Book (Paperback)
Price: £15.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1846534515
Released: 2012
Size: 258 pages
Join the Tenth Doctor on a series of extraordinary adventures in time and space, in these exceptional collected comics from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine.
Featuring ten amazing stories: Hotel Historia, Space Vikings!, Thinktwice, The Stockbridge Child, Mortal Beloved, The Age of Ice, The Deep Hereafter, Onomapopeia, Ghosts of the Northen Line and The Crimson Hand.
The Doctor has a new adversary: Majenta Price, the toughest businesswoman in the galaxy! When Majenta manipulates time itself to make a profit, she and the Doctor cross swords - and Majenta ends up on the losing side. But events draw the pair together again when a threat to the entire universe surfaces, and Manjenta is somehow at the heart of it. The Doctor is forced to take Majenta on an epic quest as they battle ice monsters, insane cyborgs, psychic predators and vengeful ghosts...
And the Crimson Hand are close behind themů
Plus! A bumper commentary section where the writers, artists and editors reveal the stories behind the strips, featuring never before published artwork, original story outlines and much more!