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Doctor Who Collectors Items: Just War, Stock No. NA0472 Book (Paperback)

by Parkin, Lance

Just War, Stock No. NA0472 Book (Paperback)
Price: £30.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426204638
Released: 1996
Size: 254 pages
Condition: V Good
'Tomorrow belongs to us, not you. If you were really from the future, Miss Summerfield, you would be a Nazi.'
March 1941: Britain's darkest hour. The Nazi's occupy British soil and British citizens are being deported to European concentration camps. Six thousand people a month are dying in air raids on London. The United States show no sign of entering the war.
According to the Doctor, this isn't a parallel universe, it isn't an alternate timeline, and everything is running according to schedule. But now something, somewhere has gone wrong. The Nazis are building a secret weapon, one that will have a decisive effect on the outcome of the war. Chris thinks it's a UFO, while Roz believes that the Luftwaffe have developed the largest bomber ever built. Only Benny may have seen the mysterious craft - but she's disappeared off the face of the Earth.
Lance Parkin wrote this, his first novel, while he was studying for his MA in Post-War English Fiction. He has written for a number of Fanzines, notably, Matrix, Odyssey, Silver Carrier and In-Vision. He is currently working on a Doctor Who history of the universe for publication in 1996.