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Blakes 7 & Other Series: Forgotten Book (Hardback)

by Scott, Caven & Wright, Mark

Forgotten Book (Hardback)
Price: £14.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1844356263
Released: 2012
Size: 223 pages
At the very edge of the Federation lies and area of space that doesn't appear on any star chart. No one has ventured there for decades. No one knows it even exists.
The Forgotten are waiting.
Under attack from a fleet of Federation ships commanded by Space Commander Travis, Roj Blake and his hand of freedom fighters pilot the Liberator into a strange nebulous cloud.
Immediately, their systems become erratic, super computer Zen goes offline and life-support begins to shut down. They are adrift, lost in space.
Their only hope is a semingly abandoned space station at the heart of the cloud. But what secrets await them?
The Forgotten will be remembered.