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Doctor Who CDs: Dark Horizons CD

by Colgan, J.T.

Dark Horizons CD
Price: £4.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1445897998
Released: 2012
Size: 6 discs
Runtime: 420 mins
Neve McIntosh reads this original adventure by J.T. Colgan , featuring the Eleventh Doctor.
On a windswept Northern shore, at the very tip of what will one day become Scotland, the islanders believe the worst they have to fear is a Viking attack. Then the burning comes. They cannot run from it. Water will not stop it. It consumes everything in its path - yet the burned still speak.
The Doctor is just looking for a game n the famous Lewis chess set. Instead he encounters a people under attack from a power they cannot possibly understand. They have no weapons. No strategy and no protection against a fire set to engulf them all. Add in some marauding Vikings with very bad timing, a kidnapped Princess with a secret of her own and a TARDIS that seems to have developed an inexplicale fear of water, and they all have a battle on their hands. The islanders must take on a ruthless alien force in a world without technology; without communications; without tea that isn't made out of bark. Still at least they have the Doctor on their side... Don't they?
A thrilling adventure featuring the Doctor as played by Matt Smith in the spectacular hit series from BBC Television.