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Doctor Who CDs: Counter Measures 3 CD

by Fitton, Matt et al

Counter Measures 3 CD
Price: £35.00
Format: CD
ISBN: 1781783221
Released: 2014
Size: 5 discs
Runtime: 300 mins
The British government has created the Counter-Measures group, a specialist team that investigates strange phenomena and dangerous technology.
Changing of the Guard: Sir Toby fights for his career, while Counter-Measures leads a very different fight...
The Concrete Cage: Counter-Measures investigates strange events at a tower block under construction.
The Forgotten Village: A personal crisis for Allison turns into one of Counter-Measures' most dangerous assignments.
Unto the Breach: When footage emerges of an alien creature held in the Eastern Bloc, the team goes undercover to find it.