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Doctor Who Books: Battlefield Book (Paperback)

by Aaronovith, Ben

Battlefield Book (Paperback)
Price: £6.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1785940415
Released: 2016
Size: 214 pages
'How do you do?' the Doctor said. 'This is Ace, and I am...' 'Merlin!' cried the Black Knight. His smile broadened in wonder and recognition. 'Merlin, against all hope!'
A UNIT nuclear convoy, stranded on the shores of Lake Vortigern, becomes the focus of an incursion by knights from a parallel reality. In this other world, technology and magic exist side by side, and the legends of King Arthur are fact. Close to the lake, the sinister Mordred battles against his enemy Ancelyn and summons his mother, the powerful witch Morgaine.
Is the Doctor really Merlin? And will he discover what actually happebed to King Arthur? But time is running out for everyone as Morgaine takes control of the nuclear weapons and summons the Destroyer - Lord of Darkness and Eater of Worlds...
This novel is based on a Doctor Who story which was orginally broadcast from 6th - 27th September 1989.