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Blakes 7 & Other Series: Liberator Chronicles 12 CD

by Lane, Andy & Adams, Guy

Liberator Chronicles 12 CD
Price: £25.00
Format: CD
ISBN: 1781787434
Released: 2016
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 180 mins
Corners of the Mind: Avon is trapped in a labyrinth full of puzzles, with no way to teleport to safety and deadly traps at every corner. He needs all his wits to survive, but there is one problem - he is losing his mind with every puzzle, piece by piece, memory by memory.
Capital: The Armageddon Storm. A weapon so dreadful that it can lay waste to entire planets. A weapon that Avon has used to hold the Federation to account. A voice from the past brings news of its redeployment� and the fate of Blake. Del Tarrant is sent to Earth to recover both - but will he survive?
Punishment: It�s the end of the world and Vila�s father has returned. He isn�t sure what is worse. With the crew of Liberator arrested and Tarrant dead, can Vila rescue the man he hates and save the day? A coward turned hero� with the fate of planet Earth hanging in the balance.