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Doctor Who CDs: Delta and the Bannermen CD

by Kholl, Malcolm

Delta and the Bannermen CD
Price: £19.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1785296451
Released: 2017
Size: 4 discs
Runtime: 240 mins
Bonnie Langford reads this colourful novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Seventh Doctor as played by Sylvester McCoy
The Doctor and Mel win a place on a Fabulous Fifties intergalactic coach tour to Disneyland, Florida, Earth. When they're knocked off-course by a wayward satellite, however, the coach party arrives instead at Shangri-La, a remote Welsh holiday camp.
The peace and quiet of the countryside are soon shattered by the arrival of an army of Bannermen soldiers, led by the ruthless Gavrok. They are tracking down Delta, the Chimeron Queen, with only one thought in mind: her destruction
The Doctor and Mel unite with aliens and locals alike in a frantic bid to save Delta, her Chimeron child, and the entire Chimeron race from extinction. Can they possibly succeed?
Bonnie Langford, who played the Doctor's companion Mel in the original TV series, reads Malcolm Kholl's 1989 novelisation of his own TV serial, published by Target Books.