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Doctor Who Books: Missy Chronicles Book (Hardback)

by Goss, James et al

Missy Chronicles Book (Hardback)
Price: £9.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1785943232
Released: 2018
Size: 218 pages
"I'v had adventures too. My whole life doesn't revolve around you, you know."
Six brand new stories featuring your favourite Time Lady…
Dismemberment: The leading lights of Missy's private members' club bar her on the grounds that she's female. They're going to regret it.
Lords and Masters: With her TARDIS hijacked. Missy is forced to take on a dangerous mission for the High Council. But she's nobody's puppet…
Teddy Sparkles Must Die! Missy isn't exactly cut out to be a 1920s governess, but a wish granting alien teddy bear will make anything worthwhile.
The Liar, The Glitch and the Warzone: Trapped in Venice between two time-zones, pursued by millitaristic Gryphones, Missy will do anything to survive.
Girl Power! The world would be a better place with women in charge, and Missy goes online with the past to prove it…
Alit in Underland: While the Doctor recovers on floor 507 of the Mondas Colony Ship, Missy and the Master hunt for their own way out - with a stowaway in tow.