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Blakes 7 & Other Series: Crossfire 2 CD

by Baxendale, Trevor et al

Crossfire 2 CD
Price: £35.00
Format: CD
ISBN: 1787033078
Released: 2018
Size: 5 discs
Runtime: 300 mins
Funeral on Kalion: Thern Sorron, the ruler of Kalion, is dead. Federation presidents, both old and new, attend the funeral to pay their respects, but they like the crew of the Liberator, are more interested in who will gain control of the vast Kalion shipyards.
Shock Troops: As the war between the presidents escalates, new recruits are urgently required. Dayna gains first-hand experience of what life can be like as a Federation trooper as she confronts insurgent forces on a frontier world.
Erebus: The Liberator is lured to the planet Erebus. There, the former Federation president is colluding with an old acquaintance of Avon's who is eager for a reunion.
Scapegoat: On the Federation world of Astra Valadina, the former President is hatching a plan to discredit his successor and turn the tide of the war in his favour. The unwitting pawns in his scheme are the crew of the Liberator.