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Doctor Who Books: Phantom Piper Book (Paperback)

by Grey, Scott et al

Phantom Piper Book (Paperback)
Price: £14.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1846539268
Released: 2018
Size: 146 pages
Join the Doctor in a new series of astonishing adventures from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine!
Featuring four amazing stories: The Soul Garden, The Parliament of Fear, Matildus, The Phantom Piper
The Doctor is now travelling with Bill Potts, a bright young woman he is tutoring at St Luke's University - and he's giving he an education she'll never forget...
The Doctor and Bill land on Titan, a moon of Saturn - and meet crazy quadrillionare Rudy Zoom, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and the deadly plant creatures called the Haluu!
A journey into the heart of the Wild West leads the Doctor and Bill into a lethal showdown with the legendary Stikini!
Bill finds herself in the alleyways of the spaceport Cornucopia, and meets the streetwise Kaballus Kids!
The time-travellers arrive in Athenia, the lunar home of Alan Turing and the android race known as the Galateans. But a malevolent creature from humanity's darkest dreams is ready to strike... The Phantom Piper!
Also! An in-depth commentary section where the comics creators reveal the secrets behind the stories! Featuring never-before-published art, photos and character designs!