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Doctor Who CDs: Winged Covern CD

by Margs, Paul

Winged Covern CD
Price: £10.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1787534438
Released: 2019
Size: 1 disc
Runtime: 75 mins
Susan Jameson reads a brand new original adventure for the Fourth Doctor, Mrs Wibbsey and Miek Yates
When the Doctor returns to Nest Cottage, in the village of Hexford, England he discovers strange things afoot in the local woods. Together with the redoubtable Mrs Wibbsey he discovers the local postmistress in an almost dessicated state, and witnesses sinister behaviour at the local mini-mart.
The old team investigate a new shop that has opened in the village run, by the glamorously beguilling Camilla Cookson. Soon they realise that a secret society had formed in Hexford under their very noses. But what role has Mrs Wibbsey herself unwittingly played in all of this? It may be time for a few confessions to be heard.
Recruiting Mike Yates, Tish Madoc and Deadre Whatsit to the cause, the Doctor and Mrs Wibbsey set out to penetrate the winged covern - but they discover at its heart is the greatest horror of all.
Read by Susan Jameson, this brand new adventure by Paul Margs is set after the events of The Nest Cottage Chronicles and The Thing From The Sea.