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Doctor Who CDs: Scent of Blood CD

by Lane, Andrew

Scent of Blood CD
Price: £10.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1787537057
Released: 2019
Size: 1 disc
Runtime: 65 mins
Dan Starkey reads a brand new audio adventure for the Eighth Doctor, set in Victorian Edinburgh.
In the late 1890s, newspaper journalist James McFarlane is on the trail of a supernatural entity. He's joined in his investigations by a mysterious stranger, who calls himself the Doctor and professes to know a lot about Vampires.
As gangs of locals gather zombie-like on the city's streets, James and the Doctor find themselves on a dangerous trail to find the truth. What links the secretive Lord and Lady Elmhurst to local events? What strange force is luring ordinary men and women to a local quarry?
The Doctor soon realises that the answers lie in his own past...
Dan Starkey, who played the Sontaran Strax in the TV series, reads this original story by Andrew Lane featuring the Eighth Doctor, as played on TV by Paul McGann.