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Blakes 7 & Other Series: Restoration 2 CD

by Wright, Mark et al

Restoration 2 CD
Price: £35.00
Format: CD
ISBN: 1787036529
Released: 2019
Size: 5 discs
Runtime: 290 mins
New Age: The dying Liberator arrives in orbit of Eloran, a world Avon believes could offer respite from their current trials. All that stands in the way is a primitive society, a charismatic leader and the fracture lines threatening to destroy the crew from within.
Happy Ever After: The people of Zareen have seen the future. Their queen will be married to a handsome stranger, and they will enjoy a blissful life together. So, how can Tarrant possibly refuse...?
Siren: In the wreckage of a ruined world, Dayna and Cally encounter Mida and Veskar, who must escape the attention of those who once ruled them. Although defeated, the System still seeks to take control.
Hyperion: Avon must convince the mysterious Selene to reveal the secret of Hyperion and save the Liberator - but the Federation is closing in on the crew, and what Selene knows could change everything...