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Doctor Who CDs: Monster of Peladon CD

by Dicks, Terrance

Monster of Peladon CD
Price: £19.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1787538054
Released: 2020
Size: 4 discs
Runtime: 225 mins
Jon Culshaw reads this exciting novelisation of a classic TV adventure for the Third Doctor, featuring the Ice Warriors
Fifty years after his first visit to Peladon, the Doctor returns to find that Queen Thalira has inherited a troubled kingdom from her father.
Membership of the Galactic Federation was expected to bring peace and prosperity to the planet, but the spirit of the sacred monster Aggedor is once more spreading terror and death.
The Doctor uncovers a treacherous plot to steal the mineral wealth of Peladon, and is again confronted by his old enemies - the Ice Warriors.
Jon Culshaw reads this complete and unabridged novelisation of Brian Hayles' 1974 serial, first published by Target Books in 1980.