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Doctor Who Collectors Items: Well-Mannered War, Stock No. MA0340 Book (Paperback)

by Roberts, Gareth

Well-Mannered War, Stock No. MA0340 Book (Paperback)
Price: £50.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426205065
Released: 1997
Size: 293 pages
Condition: V Good
An original novel featuring the Fourth Doctor, Romana and K-9.
'Destroy them! Destroy them all - Now!'
Barclow - an Earth-type planet on the fringes of space at an inestimably distant point in the future. Two factions have laid claim to it: humans from the nearby colony world of Metralubit, and a small group of Chelonian troopers. But in nearly two hundred years of conflict not one shot has been fired in anger, there are regular socials in the trenches, and the military commanders are the best of friends.
The Doctor, Romana and K-9, arriving the midst of these bizarre hostilities, find there's real trouble to come. A crucial election on Metralubit is looming, and K-9 is forced to begin a new career as a politician. Meanwhile, Romana meets an old friend and the Doctor discovers that a sinister hidden force may be attempting to alter the war's friendly nature.
What are the plans of Galatea, leader of the beautiful but robotic Femdroids? Who is killing soldiers on both sides of the battle lines? And will K-9's oratory save the day?
Just what is going on?
This adventure takes place between the television stories Shada and The Leisure Hive.
Gareth Roberts is the author of far too many Doctor Who books, including the poll winners, The Romance of Crime and The English Way of Death. He still lives in cricklewood.