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Doctor Who DVDs: Fury from the Deep DVD

by Pemberton, Victor

Fury from the Deep DVD
Price: £18.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2020
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 124 mins
Certificate: 12
Colour Type: Black & White
The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Victoria and Jamie to the coast of Kent, England, where the ESGO complex is drawing up natural gas under the North Sea via a huge network of pipes linked to their off-shore rigs.
But the Doctor is convinced he can hear something in the pipes, a heartbeat, something... alive? Others at the complex have heart it too, and one by one contact with the rigs is being lost. But Chief Robson will have none of it, and work will continue. And so it does... until sentient, aggressive seaweed begins attacking the base and taking over the personnel one by one, creating a spearhead from which it will launch its attack and enslave the entire human race... Can the Doctor discover a way to stop the weed advancing? Or does the only real chance of success lie with Victoria and if it does, can a way be found to utilise that without harming one of the Doctor's very best friends...
Most of the BBC's original master recordings for 'Fury from the Deep' were lost after the programme's original transmission. However, audio-only recordings have survived and have been used here to create a brand new fully animated reconstruction of this lost classic.
Special features:
Episodes 1-6 (Colour Animation)
Episodes 1-6 (Black & White Animation)
Audio Commentaries (Episodes 1-6)
Production Subtitles.
Surviving Footage
Episodes 6 Film Trims
Episode 6 Behind the Scenes Film Footage
Animating Fury From The Deep
Fury From The Deep Teaser Trailer
Episodes 1-6 Reconstruction
Info Text Subtitles
The Cruel Sea - Surviving Fury From The Deep
Photo Gallery
The Slide Audio Drama
The Visual Effects - Interview with Peter Day
Interview with Victor Pemberton
PDF ROM Content