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Doctor Who Books: I am the Master Book (Hardback)

by Anghelides, Peter et al

I am the Master Book (Hardback)
Price: £12.99
Format: Hardback
ISBN: 1785946138
Released: 2020
Size: 328 pages
"Everything you know…is a lie."
Anger Management: Blackmailed by a sinister biomechanoid, the Master must use his talents to liberate three alien warlords held captive on Earth. Can he turn the tables on his oppressors?
The Dead Travel Fast: Holidaying in Whitby, Bram Stoker is plunged into a world of horror when a grandfather clock washes to shore together with the hideous remains of the dying Master - who will do anything to survive.
Missy's Magical Mystery Mission: Is cleaner Daphne Nollis really the best choice to enter a contest to possess the ultimate power in the universe? And is the manically helpful hologram Miss E all she seems?
A Master of Disguise: The Master is forced to engineer a daring and desperate heist in order to save the architect of his many disguises from certain death.
The Night Harvest: A farm worker from a backwater planet, Tala has always dreamed of meeting a stranger from the stars. When the Master arrives, the truth of her world is exposed in ways that will change her forever.
The Master and Margarita: Marooned by the Doctor on Earth for 77 years, the Master becomes the scientific advisor to the Soviet equivalent of UNIT - with a deadly agenda of his own. But his plans take a strange twist with the coming of the unearthly Comrade Cap...