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Doctor Who DVDs: Power of the Daleks Special Edition DVD

by Whitaker, David

Power of the Daleks Special Edition DVD
Price: £18.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2020
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 150 mins
Certificate: 12
Colour Type: Black & White
Patrick Troughton stars in this recreation of a lost classic from 1966.
The TARDIS brings the Doctor, Polly and Ben to a colony on the swamp planetof Vulcan. Soon after arriving, the Doctor witnesses a brutal murder.
Meanwhile, in another part of the colony an ancient crashed space capsule has been discovered in the swamps. The colony's miguided scientist opens the capusle and discovers a group of strange metal 'creatures' inside.
Power of the Daleks' was the first Doctor Who story to star Patrick Troughton as the Doctor. Sadly, none of the six original broadcast episodes any longer exist in the BBC Film Archives. However, complete audio recordings of the lost episodes have survived and it is these audio recordings that are used as the basis for this special animated production of the programme. Now in a brand new edition and brought to you in glorious black and white.
Special features:
Audio Commentries
Animation Gallery
Episode Reconstructions
1993 Audiobook
Original BBC1 Trailer
Surviving Footage Compilation
Dalek Session Recordings
Raw Incidental Music
Photogrammetry Featurette
Photo Gallery
From Script to Screen Documentary
Behind the Scene
Servants & Masters - The Making of The Power of the Daleks
Whicker's World - I Don't Like My Monsters to Have Oedipus Complexes
Daleks - The Early Years
Robin Hood - The Abbot of Saint Mary's
News Reports & Archive Footage
Animation Footage
Original shooting scripts
Plus many more