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The follow comments have been left by customers.
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Comment from Richard M


Just want to say that your shop looks fabulous. I recently bought a mug from you and it arrived promptly even though I posted my order. I would never had known you existed if I hadn't purchased the DWM for the first time a few months. Looking forward to ordering again soon!

Comment from Shani Cossins

Who One Ltd always provides outstanding service and has a superb range of stock. It really is "Collectors Heaven" and I always look forward to receiving the parcels in the on the agenda will be a trip from Australia to the Isle of Wight... Would probably need a second plane to bring home everything I'd want to buy! Fantastic!!

Comment from Simon

Your 'order before 2:00pm and the order will be dispatched in the same day' is amazing. I Ordered just before 12:00 yesterday and they arrived just before 9:00am, this morning.

Your site is amazing and a must for fellow Whovians, who like Target Novelizations, BBC Past Doctor Adventures, BBC Eighth Doctor Adventures, Virgin New Adventures and more.

Keep up the good work, Whoone!

Comment from Lee

I found out about your shop from Doctor Who Magazine. I looked on your website and found out you were selling the New Adventure books. I have been looking in numurous second hand shops for these books and couldn't find any. I had begun to give up hope of ever finding them, then i found the ones i was looking for on your site and ordered them. I was not only supprised by how fast they arrived but in what great condition they were in.
I will be ordining more items from you in the future.
Thank you.

Comment from kelly hallett

Came to visit today (20/12/11) from Southampton,my daughter was in awe and bought an adipose toy (that has been cuddled constantly since) and some figures,thanks for a great service :)

Comment from Christopher Lomas

Great to find these older books in genuinely new condition; I'm sure I'll be back for more. Incidentally, just how do you manage to deliver them so very quickly?

Comment from Daniel Rudd

Absolutely brilliant shop, I've been searching the net all over for some of these novels so to find them all on one website with such reasonable prices is awesome. Payment and delivery was a breeze even all the way here in New zealand! Thanks so much guys!!

Comment from chris kilby

Thought I'd died and gone to fanboy heaven when I stumbled on Who One while holidaying recently on the IOW.

Was looking for a copy of The End of Ten (is that ever coming out, do you think?) when a nice chap called Nick helped my buy my first ever audios instead (Spare Parts, Chimes at Midnight and The Holy Terror since you didn't ask - all excellent - cheers, Nick!)

Great shop, nice atmosphere, friendly staff and a cool Dalek in the window! What more could you ask? (Well, Telos could pull their finger out and get The End of Ten on the shelves, but you can't have everything - where would you put it all?)

I was the mad Scotsman in the "interesting" hat/Hawaiian shirt combo, BTW - See you next year!

Comment from Drew Stephen

Hello, I visit the Isle of Wight several times of year (I'm from the island, now living in London) and Who One is a must visit shop every time i'm there. Friendly service with a great stock of books, dvd's, cd's, toys and more! Every Doctor Who fan should visit this store. I bought a few of the 'About Time' reference books. Thank you! Best wishes, Drew

Comment from B. T. Shoulders

I live in the United States and recently ordered two books from your store. I was impressed not only with the condition of the books, but also with the speed with which I received them. (I ordered on Tuesday evening and received them on Saturday.) Once again, I'm very pleased and I plan on doing business with you again.

Comment from drwhotoys

Hi, I'm ten years old and I visit my Grandad on the Isle Of Wight and occasinaly go to the Who One shop on the IOW. I love all the figures you have got and love the shop.

Yours sincerly,

Comment from Marcello Cristiano

Dear Who One:

I remember ordering Doctor Who memorabilia on a monthly basis from 1997-2003 when Who One was called Burtons Books. I loved ordering! I dealt with the nicest people you'll find anywhere. Now that the new series is going into it's fifth series, hopefully there will be a new flight control TARDIS with white window frames and St John Ambulance badge. I will definitely order that as well as new WHO figures like the 11th Doctor and Amy. This website is GREAT!!! It's easy to navigate around and search for things and you have the biggest selection of old and out print Doctor Who books! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK, FOLKS!!! WHO ONE IS THE # 1 PLACE TO BUY DOCTOR WHO STUFF!!!


A hardcore Whovian
Marcello Cristiano

P.S. I miss you guys!

Comment from Gareth

The best Doctor Who merchandise providers I've bought from. Best for availability and price. And the orders arrive so fast you'd think they'd been delivered by Tardis. I'll be shopping with Who One again and again.

Comment from Brandy

Really fast delivery and a great range of products! Will definitely stop into the shop the next time I am back in Ryde.
Thank you very much!

Comment from Nick Betts

Your service is absolutely amazing. I ordered my 2 books (which are excellent by the way) on Sunday evening and was astounded to see them waiting for me tonight despite the postal strike. I will order from you again and recommend you to my fellow Who fan friends.
Keep up the good work, you are a credit to your profession and Doctor Who.
Best wishes
Nick Betts

Comment from thomas carsley

hi, just to say fast delivery and exellent condition on the target books

Comment from Marc

Hi, my book which is 15 years old arrived today. Very fast posting & immaculate edition as well. Thank you very much, look forward to buying more from WhoOne.

Comment from Andy

Brilliant! Having bought a few of the older novels from you, I have been amazed at both the speed at which they've arrived and the quality of the items. 10-15 year old books looking brand new! Fantastic! Many thanks.

Comment from Daniel

I love your online shop! I have been a customer of yours for years now and am still very satisfied! I cannot believe the rare merchandise you have on your site, things I thought that would be unavialable forever, yet here they are for sale at affordable prices!

Thanks so much, Daniel

Comment from Conrad

Hi, I love the new site update and the store is great as well, I've been loads of times and there has always been what I needed there in terms of Who.
Best Wishes

Comment from Jan

Just a quick note to say a very big "Thank you" for your fantastically
fast service.
The inflatable dalek arrived this morning (Friday) at 7.20 am.
Brilliant - thank you
Kind regards

Comment from Chris

Hi,just to let you know your service is outstanding. Thankyou very much.

Comment from Steve

hi , just would like to say thanks the books arived today and there fantasic!!! unbelivable qualty ! keep up the good work i def be ordering again verry soon!!

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