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Doctor Who Books: Carnival of Monsters Book (Paperback)

by Dicks, Terrance

Carnival of Monsters Book (Paperback)
Price: £4.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426110250
Released: 1993
Size: 125 pages
Programming the TARDIS for a visit to the attractive planet of Metebelis 3, the Doctor and Jo are disappointed to find they've arrived in a cargo ship bound for Singapore. Or so they think. In fact, they are trapped in a time-loop on the far away planet Inter Minor, where all the life-forms of the Galaxy are miniaturised in the Scope - a peepshow for arch-showman Vorg. These life-forms include the terrifying Drashigs - huge underwater dragons who add to the monumental problems the Doctor and Jo face in trying to escape this nightmare circus.
Carnival of Monsters