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Doctor Who Books: Flood, The Book (Paperback)

by Gray, Scott et al

Flood, The Book (Paperback)
Price: £15.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1905239958
Released: 2007
Edition: 1
Size: 226 pages
The Eighth Doctor adventures reach a shattering conclusion in this final volume of classic strips!
This book features eight amazing stories: Where Nobody knows your Name, Doctor Who and The Nightmare Game, The Power of Thoueris!, The Curious tale of Spring-Heeled Jack, The Land of Happy Endings, Bad Blood, Sins of the Fathers and The Flood!
Now travelling alone, the Doctor finds himself facing an outlandish line-up of aliens, monsters and ne'er-do-wells - from a lovelorn robot to murderous football managers, from a psychotic hippo to an urban legend of old London town! But that's nothing to the trouble in store when an old friend crosses his path - and they both find themselves battling the deadly Cybermen for the future of the human race...
Plus an incredible selection of extra features:
Newly-extended conclusions to Sins of the Fathers and The Flood! A 20-Page behind the scenes feature in which writers Scott Gray and Gareth Roberts reveal the background and origins to each story, alongside never-before-seen sketches from artists Martin Geraghty, Roger Langridge, John Ross, Mike Collins, Anthony Williams and Adrian Salmon! The original pitch document outlining Destrii's future as the Doctor's new companion! Flood Barriers: Learn about the regeneration that never was in an eye-opening 8-page feature on the new TV series' effect on the comic strip. Includes an alternative unused script for Part Eight of The Flood, plus comments from Doctor Who showrunner Russel T Davies!
Flood, The