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Doctor Who Collectors Items: Death of Art, Stock No. NA0633 Book (Paperback)

by Bucher-Jones, Simon

Death of Art, Stock No. NA0633 Book (Paperback)
Price: £30.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426204816
Released: 1996
Size: 276 pages
Condition: V Good
He did not know if his powers could save him until the horses' hooves had crushed his ribs and his heart had stopped beating. After that, it was obvious.
1880s France: the corrupt world of the Third Republic. A clandestine brotherhood is engaged in a desperate internal power struggle; a race of beings seeks to free itself from perpetual oppression; and a rip in time threatens an entire city. The future of Europe is at stake, in a war fought with minds and bodies altered to the limits of human evolution.
Chris finds himself working undercover with a suspicious French gendarme; Roz follows a psychic artist whose talents are attracting the attention of mysterious forces; and the Doctor befriends a shape-shifting member of a terrifying family. And, at the heart of it all, a dark and disturbing injustice is being perpetrated. Only an end to the secret war, and the salvation of an entire race, can prevent Paris from being utterly destroyed.
Simon Bucher-Jones is yet another civil servant with a long-standing love of SF, Fantasy and Doctor Who. He currently pretends to know about computers for the Home Office, but would rather you all bought this book.
Death of Art, Stock No. NA0633