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Doctor Who Books: Blood of Azrael Book (Paperback)

by Gray, Scott

Blood of Azrael Book (Paperback)
Price: £13.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1846536250
Released: 2014
Size: 178 pages
Join the Doctor and Clara on their amazing adventures in space and time in these collected comics from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine!
Featuring five incredible stories: A Wing and a Prayer, Welcome to Tickle Town, John Smith and the Commen Men, Pay the Piper and The Blood of Azrael...
A deadly encounter on the streets of 1930s Baghdad... A terrifying amusement park in the far future... The enternal psychic prison known as the hellscape... A digital world where living beings can be bought or sold... And a confrontation with the darkest figure in galactic history: the sinister Azrael...
The Doctor is about to make the worst mistake of his life - and it will cost him everything he holds dear...
Plus! An in-depth commentary section where the comic creators reveal the stories behind the stories! Featuring never-before-published artwork, photos, character designs and much more!