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Doctor Who CDs: K9 Audio Annual CD

by Various

K9 Audio Annual CD
Price: £13.99
Format: CD
ISBN: 1529138290
Released: 2021
Size: 2 discs
Runtime: 260 mins
Seven colourful adventures featuring K9 in the company of Sarah Jane, Brendan, Aunt Lavinia, the Doctor and Romana
Everyone's favourite mutt-shaped automation discovers that both outer space and Earth can be fraught with danger in these tales from the pages of K9 Annual and Doctor Who Annual.
Sarah Jane and K9 embark on a watery mission in The Monster of Loch Crag, while in Powerstone there's something extraordinary in the cellar of Aunt Lavinia's house. K9 is the centre of attention at a Midsummer Night's ceremony in Hound of Hell, and then Sarah finds that the thrills of a blockbuster movie set are all too real in The Shroud of Azaroth.
K9's travels in the TARDIS are also covered in this collection: when the Doctor, Romana and K9 arrive at an intergalactic conference they must avert The Voton Terror. They're ensnared by the Light Fantastic on planet UX80, and when the Doctor visits an old friend they encounter some very Reluctant Warriors.
John Leeson, Bonnie Langford, Dan Starkey and Geoffrey Beavers read these nostalgic and much-loved stories.