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Doctor Who CDs: Diary of River Song 10 CD

by Foley, Tim et al

Diary of River Song 10 CD
Price: £35.00
Format: CD
Released: 2022
Size: 4 discs
Runtime: 240 mins
The legendary Professor River Song travels between her own tomb and the afterlife, only stopping to shop and visit royalty along the way. All in a day's work for the great archaeologist.
Two Rivers: River Song finds herself on an irresistible mission - investigating the tomb of the legendary River Song! Except the statues don't resemble her and the tomb contains the body of someone very different... or does it?
Beauty on the Inside: It would seem to be a perfectly ordinary painting of a forgettable royal family - so why did a biochemist smuggle it out of a closed colony at the cost of her own life? River is determined to find out.
Black Friday: Omnia Forum might just be the greatest shop in the galaxy and it's celebrating two hundred years at the heart of the retail sector. But when River attends the celebratory gala she finds it less 'everything must go' and more 'everything has gone' apart from the Autons.
Firewall: River is living her dream life with her dream husband. But every paradise has a serpent and this husband might not quite be up to the task.