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Doctor Who Books: Liberation of the Daleks Book (Paperback)

by Barnes, Alan et al

Liberation of the Daleks Book (Paperback)
Price: £12.99
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1804911518
Released: 2023
Size: 88 pages
A new regeneration, a familiar face... and the return of the Doctor's deadliest enemies!
The Doctor is back - and with an appearance that's all too recognisable! But before he can ponder the mystery of his old-but new visage, there's a much more immediate, and much more dangerous problem to deal with. Answering a sudden distress call, the Doctor finds himself at the 1966 World Cup Final and just in time for a result no one expected. Forget England fans on the pitch - this time it's an invasion of Daleks!
Struggling to make sense of this impossible attack, the Doctor is flung headfirst into an adeventure that just gets weirder at every turn, and may well lead to the resurrection of the Dalek Empire!
Taken from the pages of Doctor Who Magazine, this thrilling story bridges the gap between the Thirteenth Doctor's regeneration in The Power of the Doctor and the Fourteenth Doctor's first TV episode, The Star Beast.