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Doctor Who DVDs: 60th Anniversary Specials DVD

by Davies, Russell T.

60th Anniversary Specials DVD
Price: £22.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2023
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 171 mins
Certificate: 12
Colour Type: Colour
Contains: The Star Beast, Wild Blue Yonder and The Giggle
Star Beast: The Doctor is caught in a fight to the death as a spaceship crash-lands in London. But as the battle wreaks havoc across the city, destiny is converging on the Doctor's old friend, Donna Noble - and if she ever remembers him, she will die.
Wild Blue Yonder: The TARDIS hurtles out of control, taking the Doctor and Donna further than they have ever gone before. To escape the two best friends must face the most desperate fight of their lives, with the fate of the universe at stake.
Giggle: The giggle of a mysterious puppet is driving the human race insane. When the Doctor discovers the return of an ancient enemy, he faces a fight he can never win. The terrifying Toymaker has risen and nothing will ever be the same again.