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Doctor Who Collectors Items: Love and War, Stock No. NA0644 Book (Paperback)

by Cornell, Paul

Love and War, Stock No. NA0644 Book (Paperback)
Price: £28.00
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0426203852
Released: 1992
Size: 235 pages
Condition: N Mint
On a planet called Heaven, all hell is breaking loose.
Heaven is a paradise for both humans and Draconians - a place of rest in more ways than one. The Doctor comes here on a trivial mission - to find a book, or so he says - and Ace, wandering alone in the city, becomes involved with a charismatic Traveller called Jan.
But the Doctor is strenuously opposed to the romance. What is he trying to prevent? Is he planning some more deadly game connected with the mysterious objects causing the military forces of Heaven such concern?
Archaeologist Bernice Summerfield thinks so. Her destiny is inextricably linked with that of the Doctor, but even she may not be able to save Ace from the Time Lord's plans.
This time, has the Doctor gone too far?
Paul Cornell is the author of Timewyrm: Revelation, described by The Frame as 'memorable, thought-provoking and witty'; his play Kingdom Come was one of six winners of BBC 2's Debut on Two. A regular contributor to television magazines, he lives in Lancaster.