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Doctor Who CDs: 4th Doctor 13.1 Storm of the Sea Devils CD

by Barnes, David K et al

4th Doctor 13.1 Storm of the Sea Devils CD
Price: £25.00
Format: CD
ISBN: 1838684570
Released: 2024
Size: 3 discs
Runtime: 180 mins
Storm of the Dea Devils: Surgeon Lieutenant Harry Sullivan is supposed to be on holiday. But his arrival in Calcutta is intercepted by someone from the local branch of UNIT - a staff member called Naomi Cross. A businessman in the area has mysteriously cancelled the opening of his new hotel... and local villagers have reported sightings of 'devils' in the swamps. Devils that look very familiar from the UNIT files... The businessman requires medical aid so UNIT have decided to send him a doctor. Unfortunately, when Harry and Naomi arrive on site they find a different Doctor has got there ahead of them... And that's just the start of their troubles.
Worlds Beyond: The Doctor, Harry and Naomi have arrived on a luxury resort world where custom-made holidays are provided for every visitor. Their minds are scanned and their ideal getaway is planned. Naomi gets an activity break by the sea, Harry explores a crumbling ruin and the Doctor ends up playing chess with Alan Turing. All seems idyllic... but every paradise must have a snake... mustn't it?