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Doctor Who DVDs: Celestial Toyamker DVD

by Hayles, Brian

Celestial Toyamker DVD
Price: £18.99
Format: DVD
Released: 2024
Size: 2 discs
Runtime: 92 mins
Certificate: PG
Colour Type: Black & White
The Celestial Toymaker sees the Doctor and his companions sperated when they come up against the Toyamker. While the Doctor plays the Trilogic Game, Steven and Dodo are forced to play their own seemingly childish, but ultimately dangerous games, with the aim of being reunited and getting back to the TARDIS. Who will be the first to make a false move in this battle of wits, and will the TARDIS ever escape the Toymaker's snare?
Fans of Doctor Who have long lamented the loss of the orginal 1966 master recordings of all except one of The Celestial Toymaker. All episodes have been animated in both colour and black and white using the original off-air audio recordings.
Special features:
Epsiodes 1-4 (Animated Black and White)
Episodes 1-4 (Animated Colour)
Restored Surviving Original Episode 4
Photographic reconstructions of Episodes 1,2,3
Audio Commentaries
Photo Gallery
Escape Room - Team First Doctor
Making The Animation Featurette
Sylvester McCoy Introduction
Carmen Silvera interview (Audio Only)
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